Sunday, December 18, 2011

Plant Some Magic Mints!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love fun traditions and will do just about anything to make our daughters childhood fun and magical!  I read about this on Tip Junkie's blog and I LOVE this idea!  When you have the first snow (or anytime it snows) you take some peppermints and "plant" them outside.  If you want to add even more magic you can sprinkle on some magic fertilizer (perhaps left by your Elf on the Shelf!)  The fertilizer I am using is  multi-colored nonpareils since Bella likes cherry candy canes and this helps explain the colorful candy canes as opposed to peppermint ones blooming ;) 

Once your little one is tucked in bed, or you know he or she won't be looking, take out the peppermints and place candy canes!  Your child will look in the morning and see that candy canes have magically bloomed!

Print out this adorable Magic Mint Seed poem from Happy Home Fairy to add that special touch to your peppermint package.  Here is a picture of mine :)

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